Friday, April 20, 2007

An update and a purpose

So recently a couple of things have come to my attention:
  1. I have been doing very little in the way of actual artistic things lately. I've done a bit of art and writing for myself, but nothing publishable or even usable as a portfolio piece.

  2. I have this blog on my website that has gone unused for a ridiculously long time. I've found that I have trouble writing stuff down unless I give myself a deadline.
Thus, in the spirit of Jonathan Coulton, I have decided to start a thing-a-week project in order to keep the old creative juices flowing. Starting now, I will create at least one finished creative work every week and publish it on this blog. It might be a comic, or a nice drawing, or a piece of digital art, or a draft of an essay, or something else entirely--but it'll be new, and it'll be mine.

I came up with this concept on Wednesday, so my first thing-a-week will be up on this coming Wednesday, April 25. Stay tuned!

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