Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mother Nature pulls an all-nighter

Have you ever put off a project until the last minute, then completed it in a frenzy of activity just before the deadline?

I think that's what Mother Nature did this week.

For the past several weeks, the weather has been cold, gray, and rainy. On Easter Sunday, I woke up to find two inches of snow on the ground. Now, a few days later, we have flawless blue skies, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and leaves and flowers bursting out all over. My guess is that at some point on Monday morning, the Powers That Be looked up from their game of Minesweeper and said, "Holy cow, it's April already?! The first day of spring was a month ago! We gotta get moving! Raise the thermostat! Get rid of those clouds! Start the plants growing! Go, go, go!"

It's a little surreal to suddenly go from late winter to mid-spring without warning. Still, I get some of my best work done under last-minute deadline pressure, and apparently so does Mother Nature. Let's just hope it stays this nice out.