Monday, January 09, 2006

New year, new art

It's been more than a week since New Year's Day, so I think we can declare the "Holiday Season" officially over. Thus, I am putting up three pieces of art that were part of Christmas gifts to my friends and family: a greeting card, a CD label, and a custom sweatshirt logo. Enjoy.

I have three New Year's resolutions for 2006:
  1. Get a full-time job and move into my own place. I'm counting this as only one resolution, since the latter is kind of dependent on the income from the former.

  2. Eat more healthy meals--less junk food, more fresh fruits and veggies.

  3. Find out what kind of content a movie has before I bring an elderly relative to see it. Seriously. My folks and I took my grandmother to see King Kong on New Year's Eve, and it scared the poor woman half to death. (Word to the wise: if you have any insect phobias whatsoever, DO NOT go see this movie. *shudder*)




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